Regain Equilibrium : 1hr YIN

While ideating a practice for a friend, I began unwrapping a deeper reasoning behind my gravitation towards external hip openers and lateral body moves. It was a calling for a yin practice, and, more specifically, the need to rebalance the Liver and Gallbladder Meridian Lines.

After any kind of travel, obstruction (think pandemic!), or shock our bodies can get out of balance. When the energy or chi of these two specific lines are depleted, one might feel flighty, hesitant to make and follow through on plans, resistant to thinking about the future, tired, off-centered, and/or unable to think clearly. You may even notice your pull towards escapism (Too much Netflix!).

In this practice, we settle into the depths of our bodies. We nurture. We slow down to focus and rebalance. So grab some pillows, blankets, blocks, and let’s settle in for a truly rebalancing yin session!

Once you arrive into a pose, relax the muscles and allow the deep connective tissue (what binds our muscles and bones) to feel the sensations of the stretch. Use props to allow yourself to fully soften and settle.

Hope you enjoy this practice!