Long Day, Long Week : 45 Minute Yoga Unwind

By Wednesday or Thursday does it feel like all the energy in your body has been zapped?

If so, use this practice anytime you want to turn inwards and replenish your vital energy!

This practice allows for a gentle moment to arrive into your own body, and incorporate the movements you love. We go layer by layer to unravel the stress and tension, no need to rush.

We start out by sitting together, feeling into your own unique body and letting the mind slow down. Then we’ll get creative with shoulders and side body stretches before taking it into tabletop or, if you’re feeling you want more, flowing from down dog. Standing sequence is repeated twice to support full release before swimming cooly and casually in our hips (pigeon pose). Savasana is a long as you would like, recommendation is on your belly to soften inwards for true replenishment!

Replenish with this internally focused Savasana