Alleviate Shoulder Knots : 45 Minute Yoga

Persistent knots in and around your shoulders? Feeling the stress of the world?

This yoga practice offers the perfect stretches to alleviate this muscle tension and leave you feeling as though you just got a massage!

The sequence is restorative in nature, gentle and focused. Savor some extra time in each pose to really dig into those pesky stress spots.

Props needed: 2 foam blocks or a rolled up blanket, and a strap or scarf.

The following sequence is one of my most recommended treats for tight shoulders. Grab a strap and go slow. Aim to keep the knuckles in line with the wrists, as well as the wrists in line with the arms.

Linger in places where you feel extra sensations. Breathe deep.

As grand final, add some side stretches while holding onto the strap.

Last but not least, give yourself a big hug of gratitude! And use those finger tips to press into any last remnants of your muscle knots.

Never underestimate the power of a hug for yourself 😉