Stomach & Spleen: 1 Hr YIN

The saying you are what you eat, couldn’t be truer. And honestly, we are everything we “consume.” Through our mouths, eyes, ears, thoughts, and skin we are feeding ourselves in a multitude of ways. But are we nourishing ourselves?

Just for fun, let’s examine your yesterday.

What time did you wake up? Did you feel refreshed? What was the first thing you drank? Ate? What meals followed, and at what time? Did you rush through the meal/day or did it feel well paced? Do you remember specific moments of noticing your surroundings? Did you read anything interesting that grew your perspective? Did you watch tv? Was there connection to others during your day? Do you feel satisfied by what you nourished yourself with yesterday? Are there parts that could have been more beneficial to your long term health and desires?

Yoga teachers will often say, “Let’s stop to restart” in an effort to re-harmonize the body. This yin practice offers the ultimate pause to restart by focusing into the Spleen and Stomach meridian lines. These organs are responsible for turning the outside world into energy for our bodies.

This sequence also allows you time to truly evaluate how you are nourishing your body.