Sexy & Slim for Life

In yoga class, some of my favorite moments arise when we’re in a sea of stillness, and I’m talking these relaxed yogis through the internal landscape of their bodies, asking finally for them to wiggle their toes, just ensuring the depth of their connection. Then on that command, I look around to notice all their toes wiggling with an ease of playfulness. This connection and inner awareness is gratitude personified. At least in my book.

Now off their mats, I have conversations swirling around “I feel so fat…stuck…unmotivated…stressed…unhappy, etc, etc.” This list really does tend to go on and on when you’re not feeling connected. And how can that happen when every time you look in the mirror your mind shows you what you’ve conditioned yourself to see? That basic, often engrained detachment. From childhood, we begin to see ourselves through the lens of others. While their words may be harmless, our young ears (and brain) begin to stack that inventory as “who we are”. We start to develop the ideas that will then shape our adulthood. I’m athletic. I’m not athletic. I’m full of energy. I’m slow moving. I’m a bookworm. I’m a… and again another list, and another way to “categorize” ourselves in order to understand societally who and what we are.

But what if letting go of the lists, and instead simply heightening our inner awareness was the key to sustainable happiness, contentment, and living in our healthiest bodies? What if you were able to be degrees of all things? The power of your mind is apparent. Like focusing so deep in stillness, then placing your mind and creating action. Yup, as easy as wiggling your toes.

So how do we become sexy and slim for life?

For starters, you begin to slowly cultivate inner connectedness. Realizing you are more powerful than your negative thoughts. When you notice these thoughts arising “I’m not good enough, I’m un-motivated, I’m tired, I’m heavy, I’m exhausted, I feel fat…” you observe these thoughts as a distraction from your true self. You are NOT your thoughts. Then counter them with what you envision you are.

“I am healthy. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am content. I am happy. I am whole. I am sexy. I am slim. I am full of energy. I am limitless. I am the universe.”

Secondly, you observe how you feel after you eat anything and everything. Noticing if what you eat gives you energy or takes it away. Food should nourish, not diminish our natural energetic state. We are constantly vibrating cells. If after you eat, you feel like you need a nap or something to aid in digestion because you feel heavy or too full, you’ve eaten against your natural constitution. Digestion takes the most energy, so learning to eat in a way that nourishes without taxing is the key to being sexy and slim.  Keep a food journal with notes accompanying how you feel after you put anything into your body. Coffee and drinks included. And keep in mind that this could change throughout the month and your particular moon cycle.

Connect to you. That’s the secret to the sexiest, slimmest life!