Feeling All The Feels: 40 Min Yoga Flow

When life gets stressful and you find yourself feeling ALL the feels, often negative the emotions can land unprocessed in the hips.

We aim to free up suppressed emotions (anger, fear, disappointment, hurt, sadness, jealousy, distrust) by focusing deep hip openers and heart releasing postures.

This yoga practice is great for beginners and seniors, as well as advanced practitioners.


Reverse Tabletop Tutorial:

  1. From a comfortable seat, cross the Right Ankle on the Left Thigh, just above the knee.
  2. Place palms of the hands down just behind the hip line (and slightly wider than the hips), fingers pointed towards the front on your mat.
  3. On an in-breath push firmly into the palms and the left sole of the foot. Elevate the body to knee height.
  4. Offer a soft bend in the elbows to lift the heart skywards and root the foundation of the posture.
  5. Gaze can be forward, up or if it is comfortable (and accessible) head can recline backwards. Keep lifting hips and stay for 5-10 breaths.