5 Ways to Find Balance

It never fails, just when you lean into one part of your life creating solutions and feeling like a superhero, another equally important part reminds you that you are beyond neglecting it and you’re more like Loki than Thor. If only all sides of life could see into their counter parts, wouldn’t that be something.

Work, family, friends, love, exercise, nutrition…how do we find balance?

  1. Meditate. This might sound cliché, but time does create time. Sitting with yourself in silence opens up time and space. And clarity. Lean into this always.
  2. Make a Gratitude List. I love making these. Well, I love making lists in general, but especially ones that I can feel deep down in my heart when I put pen to paper. Yes, do it old school. Find your favorite notebook and pen or buy a cute new one. Anthropologie or Paper Source always have inspiring selections!
  3. Move. Dance around, do some yoga, go for a walk, skip on your way down the street, do the shuffle…just move your body like you love it more than any other body in the world! It is a wondrous creation, honor it with movement.
  4. Prioritize first thing. When you wake up, grab an inspiring cup of tea or coffee and sit. Think about your day and what you need/want to accomplish. Maybe that same pen and paper comes out or maybe you add to your notes section on your iphone or to stickies on your laptop. (I’m an apple gal, but any device works!)
  5. Be of Service. This gets easily lost in the busy-ness of life. We’re very consumed with our work, our responsibilities, and our selves. Too much focus on ourselves can be a quiet disaster. And quite a disaster. Give your time, love, attention to others. It will truly restore that lagging energy and refocus your intentions.