Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, February 17, 2015:    Jennifer Stewart, a yoga instructor seen at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on February 17, 2015. Christopher Pike / The National

Reporter: Ann-Marie McQueen
Section: Arts & Life

So nice to meet you!

My elevator pitch for teaching yoga is… I love people. All people. Young, old, clever, wise, shy, yearning, thoughtful, lost, etc.. So with that, I’ve lovingly been teaching yoga since 2011. I consider it the greatest of blessings.

From my early days in Los Angeles under the watchful (and kind eyes) of vinyasa flow master Andrea Marcum, to my journey teaching yoga in Washington DC, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Princeton NJ, and now NYC, I embrace the constantly evolving nature of my practice, both as a student and a teacher, and the ever growing community of inspiring yogis!

While in Abu Dhabi, a fellow teacher introduced me to the transformational world of Yin Yoga. From there, I studied under renowned yin teacher Sarah Powers, earning my 100hr yin certification (Insight Yoga Institute). I’ve since incorporated both Vinyasa and Yin into my international workshops and retreats, encouraging extra balance in these hectic lives we tend to lead.

I invite students to relax and rejuvenate or flourish & energize depending on what one’s own mind and body needs; to find effortlessness and ease both on and off your mat, while also connecting to one of the most inspiring and supportive communities around! Most importantly, I look forward to continuing to grow and learn from each of you…and truly enjoy every part of this magical journey!