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  • There is an important spiritual aspect to Jen’s classes, and something more intangible…you just sort of feel cared about when you’re there, like you really matter. On top of that, she's nice, funny, honest and totally genuine. Jen has become a master at what I could call the "deceptively difficult" flow, by which I mean her classes are challenging, but you don't often realize how much so until they have flown by and you feel restored - and know you will be sore!
    Ann Marie M.
    London Ontario
  • Jen is a gracious, sweet and talented yoga instructor. She exudes warmth and is very inviting for participants at every level. Her passion for teaching is evident and her lighthearted spirit makes classes uplifting and enjoyable.
    Page R.
    Falmouth, Massachusetts
  • Jen expends significant effort in understanding the needs of her students' minds and bodies. Ever willing to tailor make routines to the needs of the hour. She relies on her uncanny x Ray instinct to scan an individual's body and brain in an instant and adjusts her programmed routines to the needs of the hour.
    Nikhil D.
    Abu Dhabi
  • Every class Jen teaches is different (never the same class twice), and she always brings great energy, a sense of fun and adventure, strong flows and amazing playlists to each class. She provides options and adjustments for different levels, so her classes are accessible for beginners and experienced yogis alike.
    Mike M.
    Baltimore, Maryland
  • Jen is incredibly intuitive about her students' needs. Her classes are the perfect combination of dynamic and relaxing. I always leave my mat feeling relaxed, balanced and content.
    Vasso P.
    Karditsa, Greece
  • Jen is just the best yoga teacher - well-trained, intuitive, personable and kind. Jen is so easy to understand and non-judgemental. She helped me gain the confidence to do poses which I never imagined were possible for me - all through patient, instinctive teaching. I have now been practicing yoga for the past 4 years on an almost daily basis, I am standing taller with better posture and I am more calm and flexible than I have ever been. Clearly, I cannot recommend Jennifer more highly!
    Stephanie W.
    London England